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Theraband does more than exercise bodies and rehabilitate injuries. They reconstruct confidence, rebuild independence, strengthen determination and reinforce peace of mind.  We use their products to deliver excellence to our clients.

X-Pole, the worldwide leader in pole and aerial fitness, the #1 manufacturer of Professional Dance Poles and the official pole of Pole Fitness is the brand of choice for our studios.

GNC Live Well is committed to exceeding your expectations and is devoted exclusively to helping its customers improve the quality of their lives.    


Sade has always had a passion for all things related to dance! At 22 she moved to the United States to pursue her dance dreams. Here she took Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Tahitian, Brazilian Samba and Aerial Classes.
She started performing Brazilian Samba with two dance groups and Aerial Silk for TSNY (Trapeze School New York) in Los Angeles. After a year and a half of continuous training and performing with the school she started teaching beginner-intermediate classes.  

You want your child(ren) to reach their fullest potential and to excel academically and socially with disciplined habits and ethics. You want them to have a competitive edge in life with a chance to do exciting and daring extra curriculum activities that will strengthen their minds and bodies.

You want cooperation, teamwork and commitment from the operational, tactical and strategic level members within your organisation. Who offers customised teambuilding activities that'll improve employee morale that'll lead to increased productivity and motivation?


JC is a former TnT National Aerobics Champion with a music and dance background entering both Twelve & Under as well as Teen Talent with Aunty Hazel Ward Redman.  

In 2010 she was certified to teach pole levels I - IV at Pole Fitness Miami and then in 2013 she was re-certified by OC Pole Fitness in California to teach levels I - IV

In 2013 she dived headlong into the realm of aerial arts and trained on trapeze, hammock, aerial silks and aerial hoop in Miami, Atlanta and Huntington Beach, California and every year travels to North America to train at various professional Circus Art Schools.

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Our Story

​On a Miami trip for her 40th birthday, JC tried a Pole Dance class and was so excited by how it awakened her sensuality while leaving her with an aching mid-section and upper body from the strenuous workout that she got certified in the US to teach pole and returned to open the then Provocative Fitness studio.

Travelling to the US annually to train at different facilities, she dived headlong into the world of circus arts and trained on trapeze, hammock, aerial silks and aerial hoop as well as doing acrobatics and acro balance in Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.  

Totally mesmerised by the world of Circus Arts, JC & her team uses their training and knowledge to empower clients to strengthen their bodies and/or rehabilitate injuries via fitness classes and parties that add excitement, accomplishments and fun to their routine and sometimes mundane lives.  

Your Story
To enhance (or start) your fitness regimen you want something fun and different.  With the option to do a one off session or an entire 4 session workshop, you're looking for and excited to learn #PrettyCoolStuff.


​​Danz came to LYFE to partake in a sport and discovered an art. Football, Swimming, Volleyball, Boxing, Spearfishing, and Diving, are just some of the Danz’ hobbies as she’s always been into a fit and physical lifestyle. As a tomboy, Danz originally only wanted to master the physical aspect of the training, but soon became intrigued with the artistic side. As she had no prior training in dance, she had to overcome her insecurities and eventually created her own style. 

Danz fills a niche in our community to encourage and assure persons that once you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and really try, you can achieve great things in LYFE.​​


Giselle is a serious sports enthusiast having played and achieved prowess in netball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, rugby and swimming. She possesses a B. Ed majoring in Physical Education from the University of the West Indies.
With the Professional Education Unit of The University of Trinidad and Tobago Giselle is certified in Advanced Studies in Sports Therapy having successfully completed among others, modules in Anatomy & Physiology, Bioenergetics, Injury Management, Sports Massage, Strapping & Taping, Safety in Sports, Emergency Care & Manual Muscle Testing.

To add to her skills set, improve her craft and remain relevant, Giselle - a Physical Education teacher, trains and explores various methodologies and disciplines at different studios in the US. 

Meet Our Team


Elena has been dancing since the age of 3. She pursued the Royal Academy of Dance Minor Syllabus in Ballet from pre-primary to grade 8 and Major Syllabus in Ballet from intermediate foundation to advanced foundation, over the span of 14 years, attaining either merit or distinction certificates in each. In addition to ballet, she took tap, jazz and modern classes all at the Caribbean School of Dancing. No stranger to the stage, she performed her various dance genres in every Caribbean School of Dancing performance and was chosen to be part of the Metamorphosis Dance Company, where she performed in 4 Company seasons from 2008 through 2012.

She joined LYFE Experiences in 2014 after a forced break from the dancing world due to a foot injury and has since fallen in love with the wide variety of classes offered at the studio, especially pole. 

Your small intimate party, wedding reception, corporate event, product launch or advertising campaign requires a specialty high end act that'll grab your audience's attention.

​You need to plan a get together for a friend's bachelorette, your own birthday, a girls lime or your class reunion and you're tired of the usual dinner party or club vibe.  What fun and exciting activities can you include for a memorable and successful event?