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​​​​​​ AERIAL - All 3 Branches

Aerial Hoop 5 week workshop:: Beginning with basic skills and conditioning, in this workshop you will increase strength, showcase flexibility and learn flipping, turning, rolling, posing, and transitioning moves and positions. Not only is this is an intensive work-out but you will also progress into fluid choreographed sequences and artistic performance skills.

​6 BelleSmythe Street, Woodbrook

CHAGUANAS: Evolution Fitness
Rodney Rd, Endeavour

MACOYA: Centre of Excellence
Macoya Rd, Macoya

Flexibility: This program goes far beyond the realm of stretching. Flexibility improves athlethic performance, decrease injuries, controls stress and improves relaxation. It is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry. Our amazing program will help you to achieve (or set) your flexibility, health & fitness goals.  Yoga mats suggested.

WORKSHOP: 4 weeks
COST: $160
DURATION:  Four (4) 60 min sessions

Attire: Workout clothes and bare-footed.​

​FLOOR - All 3 Branches

Circus Arts Strength Training: This workshop is designed to help build functional strength for the circus arts workshops we offer. We focus on upper body, core, glute, quad and hamstring  strength building.  Attendees will inevitably get toned bodies.  Yoga mats suggested.

​WORKSHOP: 4 weeks
Four (4) 60 min sessions
Leggings and close fitting top. Barefooted

​​​ POLE - Chaguanas Only till we get our brand new poles

​​Pole Flow 4 week workshop: This multilevel pole class builds overall body strength, flexibility, self-confidence, sex appeal and increases general fitness. While losing your inhibitions learning floor-work, dance moves, pole dance spins, tricks and luscious transition moves you will be challenged at a level appropriate to your ability and experience with the focus on fluidity of pole dance moves.

​Climb & Invert 4 week workshop: Covering the range of the fundamentals of climbing and inversion all the way to advanced poses, sequences and transitions, this multilevel class is a major workout and should possibly not be your first pole class if you deem yourself not to have any upper body strength. 

​​WORKSHOP: 4 weeks
COST: $350
DURATION:  Four (4) 60 min sessions

Attire: Shorts required for legs to grip the pole in climbs. Bare-footed.

Aerial Silks 5 week workshop: Combining beauty, strength, grace, power, flexibility, flight and fitness, we use aerial silks both as a hammock and as double tails. Fitness drills on the silks will condition your body for aerial arts by targeting your core and upper-body. You will work on basic climbing skills and learn how to create fabric locks and wrapping techniques to move your body around the fabric into and out of various positions and poses.

WORKSHOP: 5 weeks 
COST: $500
DURATION:  Five (5) 60 min sessions

Attire: Leggings that cover the back of the knees and close fitting top that covers armpits. Barefooted.

​​​​​​​LYFE Fitness - Workshops

Book your workshop TODAY!  You’ve made the decision to live your best life and want to try new fitness oriented activities and learn #PrettyCoolStuff.  Try either a one off intro session or commit 4 weeks to a beginners workshop.  

​You don't need to be strong or flexible to attend our workshops, your commitment to attend once a week for four weeks will bring improvement.