Hot Bod:​ A total body workout that lifts your butt, tones your thighs and burns fat in record-breaking time. Hot Bod utilizes Therabands for strength training along with our vertical barre (the pole) as well as other fitness apparatus and your own body resistance to perform small isometric movements to shape and tone your body in the fastest time.  It's the most effective, yet safest way to achieve results.

Attire: Workout clothes and bare-footed.​

World Dance: Sade Ellis lead dancers next to Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull in the We Are One (Ole Ola) [Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song] video. She now presents her very own World Dance Workout where she combined her flair for dance and need for a fun, exciting and effective fitness regimen.  The World Dance workout includes elements of Samba, Tahitan, Dancehall, Hip Hop & Soca.

​Attire: Workout clothes and bare-footed.​

LYFE Acro Balance

​       ​​​FLOOR Classes

Acro Balance: Combines strength, balance, flexibility and trust. It involves counter balancing, hand balancing and other acrobatic maneuves. Often a duo discipline but not limited to a single base who will lift a flyer into the air in a number of different positions. Our classes are designed to teach the basics of acrobatic balancing and build conditioning, strength, fitness and flexibility. No previous experience is necessary.

Attire: Leggings and close fitting top. Barefooted.

​​​Boot Camp: An effective training programme that builds strength and conditioning through varied and challenging workouts to test and develop different body parts and your functional strength. The goal of this class is to build a body that's capable of practically any and everything. The whole body is worked in this session utilising HIIT (high intensity interval training). We encourage those who want to achieve great fitness and reshape their bodies to attend.

Attire: Workout clothes and sneakers.

​​Winercise: Wining, a "Trini" thing, is a sensuous artistic dance movement involving the rhythmic movement of the waist and hips. Winercise is a fun and invigorating total body workout that uses the “Wine” to tone the obliques, upper and lower abs as well as sculpt the hips, thighs and buttocks. Winercise comprises of cardio, strength training, toning and wining movements in choreographed movements and mini dance routines where the main movement is the wine.

Attire: Workout clothes and sneakers.

10 Fitt Street, Woodbrook Trinidad

​​ POLE Classes

Pole Flow: This multilevel pole class builds overall body strength, flexibility, self-confidence, sex appeal and increases general fitness. While losing your inhibitions learning floor-work, dance moves, pole dance spins, tricks and luscious transition moves you will be challenged at a level appropriate to your ability and experience with the focus on fluidity of pole dance moves.

Pole Mix: A multilevel fun and sexy pole class for a great workout. This class combines pole flow, climbs, inverts, poses and spinning pole. There’s something for everyone in this class and all levels are welcome.

​Climb & Invert: Covering the range of the fundamentals of climbing and inversion all the way to advanced poses, sequences and transitions, this multilevel class is a major workout and should possibly not be your first pole class if you deem yourself not to have any upper body strength. 

Attire for all pole classes: Shorts required for legs to grip the pole in climbs. Bare-footed.

​​​​​​                               LYFE Fitness

Start training today!  You’ve made the decision to increase your fitness, and we’re here to help you along. Whether your goal is to build strength, increase flexibility, or lose a few unwanted pounds, it starts with the decision to change your lifestyle, so start today.

​You don't need to be strong or flexible to do our classes, your regular attendance will achieve that.

Flexibility: This class goes far beyond the realm of stretching. Flexibility helps to decrease injuries, helps control stress and improves relaxation. It is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry. Our amazing program increases flexibility in the wrists, shoulders, spine, hamstrings, inner thigh abductors and the arches of the foot. A major focus of our program is the front and side splits.

Attire: Workout clothes and bare-footed.​

LYFE Boot Camp

Allow us to Enhance Yours !

SATELLITE  BRANCHES (Workshops & Kids classes only)
CHAGUANAS: Evolution Fitness
Rodney Rd, Endeavour

​​ AERIAL Classes

Aerial Hoop: Beginning with basic skills and conditioning, in this workout you will increase strength, showcase flexibility and learn flipping, turning, rolling, posing, and transitioning moves and positions. Not only is this class is an intensive work-out but you will also progress into fluid choreographed sequences and artistic performance skills.

​Attire: Leggings that cover the back of the knees and close fitting top. Barefooted.

Aerial Silks: Combining beauty, strength, grace, power, flexibility, flight and fitness, we use aerial silks both as a hammock and as double tails. Fitness drills on the silks will condition your body for aerial arts by targeting your core and upper-body. You will work on basic climbing skills and learn how to create fabric locks and wrapping techniques to move your body around the fabric into and out of various positions and poses.

Attire: Leggings that cover the back of the knees and close fitting top that covers the armpits. Barefooted.