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Aerial Silks:  

Also known as ribbons and tissu, is an art form in which students perform aerial feats while hanging from a special fabric. They will do strength exercises and floor work to facilitate climbs, foot locks, wraps and other tricks with the fabric. Students perform aerial feats on the silks. 

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Acro Balance:

Acrobatics that combine hand balancing, partner lifts and a high degree of care, coordination proprioceptive awareness (your individual body awareness in relation to others around you, and mutual trust among the performers). Our methodology is designed to teach the basics of acrobatic balancing and build conditioning, strength, fitness and flexibility.

Aerial Hoop:

Also known as lyra, is a fun and fascinating circus apparatus in which students lift themselves onto the hoop then do beautiful movements and form shapes while suspended and spinning in the air. Students will learn to activate core muscles for balance and stability, as well as to improve flexibility and coordination. 

General Info:

Aerial Sky Kids is LYFE’s elite aerial arts dance and gymnastics programme for boys and girls 4 years old and up. 

Our immersive classes incorporate elements of gymnastics, acrobalance, dance, aerial hammock, aerial hoop and aerial silks.  Students will gain strength, knowledge and awareness of their bodies on the ground and in the air while developing skills and tools that will last a lifetime.

Additionally we put on interactive aerial shows at your venue to enhance your child/teen’s party as well as facilitate aerial activities at Corporate Sports Days, Family Days, School Bazaars and May Fairs.

Acrobatics Aerobics 
Looking for a after school Aerobics for your kids? Look no further

LYFE Kids 

Aerial Hammock: 

The silks are rigged to form a hammock in which students perform tricks both inside and outside of the fabric.