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SATELLITE  BRANCHES (Workshops & Kids classes only)
CHAGUANAS: Evolution Fitness
Rodney Rd, Endeavour 

10 Fitt Street, Woodbrook Trinidad

All parties are staffed with two Provocative Instructors and incur a mandatory base $200 transportation, loading/unloading, set-up and dismantling fee.  The final transport fee is calculated on the distance from our base in Woodbrook.  

Option 1: 

Burlesque - Two costumed instructors do a one hour session of teaching Provocative Dance as well as Sexy Chair Dance routines to participating guests.

COST: $1,500 (with your own chairs)

COST: $2,000 (we provide the chairs).

Option 2: 

Pole & Burlesque - Two costumed instructors do a one hour session of teaching Provocative Dance, Sexy Chair Dance and Pole Dancing to participating guests.

COST: $2,000 (we provide one pole and you provide your own chairs) 
COST: $2,500 (we provide one pole & chairs).